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    Popup & Event Display Stands in Australia

    Brand Activation

    Brand Activations

    Synergy Australasia is a leading brand activations agency in Australia; we specialise in creating, designing, and offering display and visual solutions to help brands expand their business and market their products more effectively. If you are looking for a professional and reliable activation agency to help you create customised exhibition display stands and retail display stands in Australia, we can help. Whether you are into retail or hospitality business, we offer tailored design services to transform our client’s ideas into reality, including trade show display stands and POS display solutions. 

    Our team of expert designers stay up to date with the latest digital printing trends and craft customised brand solutions in the form of displays that helps our clients enhance their brand visibility and engage in effective brand activations across various Australian locales. 

    Popup Display Stand

    Get a popup display stand for your next promotional event!

    A popup display can drive more sales and engagement. Whether you’ve launched a new product in the market or need a display stand for a show or event, we can provide you with feasible solutions that offer long-term results, ideal for brand activations and kiosks display in Australia. 

    Connect with a new audience, build your brand rapport, and make business connections with a suitable popup display stand. Our team of designers will assess your request and formulate a design plan that offers the best fit for your business and exhibition, including commercial fitouts for a comprehensive marketing approach. 

    Popup Design

    Why choose our popup design service?

    When it comes to designing popup display stands, you need professional guidance to create the perfect display stand that fulfils your marketing needs. Our popup stands are easy to install and assemble, making them perfect for trade show display stands and POS displays in Australian retail and exhibition spaces. 

    We are here to help you minimise the hassle and ensure a smooth and seamless process. Our amazing eye-catching designs are enough to set your brand apart and communicate your brand message. 

    Get in touch with us to discuss your display requirements, including tailored solutions for retail display stands and kiosks displays in Australia. 

    Design Solution

    Event displays & design solutions for businesses

    Want to optimise your brand and brand message? There is no better way to achieve satisfactory results than using event display stands. Engage with your visitors more efficiently and get ready to make an impression with our visually appealing and stunning display stands, perfect for exhibitions and brand activations in Australia. 

    From advertising your brand to product promotion, everything is possible with our high-quality event displays. When you have engaging displays as marketing tools by your side, you can generate impressive results and make a bold statement in the event, leveraging custom trade show display stands and commercial fitouts for diverse Australian business settings. 

    What are the advantages of event displays?

    • Helps with product/service promotion 
    • Create a long-lasting impact on your audience 
    • Can be used as promotional tools 
    • Generates brand awareness 
    • Can be used in a variety of business settings 
    • Highly durable and sturdy 
    • Easy to store and transport 

    Our high-end displays can be used as backdrops, allowing you to use the space efficiently and make the most of the business opportunity. Your customers can engage with your brand and learn about your business and gain information about the products and services your company offers. 

    Need reliable event design services in Melbourne, Australia? Look no further than Synergy Australasia. We offer popup display stands for events, exhibitions, and trade shows, including comprehensive retail and POS display solutions tailored to the Australian market. 

    Do you just need an idea, Perhaps you already have solution but need it built... reach out.

    We are here to help you make it happen.


    Activation & Event FAQs

    Activation in marketing involves a number of strategies that include events promotions and experiential marketing. The aim is to engage and motivate potential and/or existing customers towards a desired action.

    Trade shows and product launches are key elements in event marketing for the promotion of your brand, service or product.

    Activation is important for brands to connect with their target audience and build relationships. These relationships are crucial in developing brand awareness in order to drive sales for products or services.

    By establishing clear objectives before an activation, companies are more able to accurately measure success; this success can be measured using metrics such as engagement, impressions, and reach which are sometimes a little intangible as opposed to direct sales and outcomes which can be clearly measured.

    There are many examples of activation. These might include product demonstrations, experiential marketing campaigns, pop-up shops, sponsorships, and even social media activations.

    Experiential marketing focuses on creating immersive and memorable experiences for consumers and potential customers. By engaging the senses and emotions of the audience experiential marketing creates a deeper connection between the brand and the consumer.

    Social media is now essential in a marketing campaign and can be used for activation by creating engaging and interactive posts that encourage users to take a desired action and share their brand awareness with others. It often involves contests, user-generated content, influencer marketing, and even live events to entice customers.

    Sponsorship is a form of marketing; a brand can provide support – either financially or in resources – to an event, organization, or individual in order to gain exposure and grow its market.

    Establishing clear objectives and defining the target audience will ensure the success of an activation. Planning should also include developing creative ideas and tactics, creating a budget, and deciding how you will measure the success of the activation.

    Benefits such as increased brand awareness, lead generation and customer engagement are often the outcome of a successful activation and event marketing campaign. Lead generation, sales, and increased customer loyalty are also built during an activation which can also help to create memorable experiences through experiential activations.

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