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    POS Display Stands in Australia

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    Ensure better ROI with point of sale display stands

    If you own a retail store and want to promote a new product or service, you need POS display stands. The role of point of sale displays is to offer more sales opportunities to businesses and brands. Such displays are highly versatile and help attract potential customers. Having such displays will also help your customers to find what they are looking for and make the most of their time. 

    At Synergy Australasia, we design and supply a wide range of point of sale display stands across Australia, along with custom exhibition displays and retail display stands to enhance the in-store experience. 

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    We have access to the latest digital printing technology and designing tools. We create displays to enhance customer experience and help make your store more organised and functional, including innovative trade show display stands and kiosks displays tailored to the Australian market. 

    When you have point of sale display stands in and around your store, you can promote or launch new products and services and inform your customers about new stock or offers. The displays can be placed strategically in some areas where you can easily grab the attention of your visitors such as the entrance, windows, and check-out counter, perfect for brand activations and commercial fitout projects in Australia. 

    POS Display Agency

    Why do you need POS displays?

    More sales, more visitors, and more sales opportunities; you can get all these benefits once you install POS displays in your store. The point of using these displays is to make it easier for your customers to spot your store and walk inside. With the efficient use of space, you can maximise your chances of branding. 

    The POS displays educate and inform buyers about your brand and what they can expect from your store. You can also provide additional information to your audience by placing the displays on the shelves or counter. It is also a great way to target impulse buyers by helping them navigate through your store and make them look at your products, enhancing the overall shopping experience with comprehensive retail fit outs.

    Point of Sale Displays

    How can Synergy Australasia help you design point of sale displays?

    Creating engaging store displays is now easier and simpler with Synergy Australasia. We have worked on several retail projects by supplying unique, customised creative store displays. We understand the importance of POS displays in the retail world and that’s why we offer precise display solutions that ensure maximum sales and better ROI, including specialised services for trade show display stands and exhibition displays in Australia. 

    If you need a custom POS display stands builder in Australia, we can help. Our cost-effective marketing solutions are what you need to stand out from your competitors and achieve your business goals. 

    Display Solution

    What we offer?

    • Fully customised retail POS displays 
    • Team of experienced designers 
    • Comprehensive range of display solutions, including commercial fitouts and kiosks displays in Australia 
    • Free quote and expert assistance 

    Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? We can help. Whether you want to increase your sales or generate customer awareness, everything is possible with our point-of-sale display stands. 

    Our team will be happy to design fully customised POS stands for your store. Share your requirements with us and let us know how we can assist you. 


    In order to maximise sales and profits, companies use merchandising to displaying products. By selecting the right products and arranging them in an organised and engaging was as well as setting prices that are competitive and profitable, your brand can benefit from merchandising.

    Merchandising directly affects sales and profits, making it a crucial aspect of the sales process. A merchandising strategy that is well executed can attract customers, and often increases the average transaction value. Above all else it seeks to improve customer satisfaction.

    The aim of retail design is to create a visually appealing and functional in-store environment for both customers and employees. This is a multi-layered design approach that includes everything from store layout and signage, lighting and product displays and point of sale merchandising.

    Good retail design should increase foot traffic and encourage customers to spend more time in the store which will ultimately lead to an increase in sales. Engaging retail design should also improve customer experience and aim to build brand loyalty. Ultimately the goal is to differentiate the store from competitors, helping them stand out from the crowd.

    In order to achieve a successful retail design, the store’s brand identity, target customer, product mix, and overall goals should be considered. Effective lighting, clear signage, well-organized product displays, and comfortable seating areas are all key elements that should be considered.

    Interactive displays and virtual reality experiences to mobile checkout are all ways that technology has changed the retail design space. Enhancing the customer experience and creating a more engaging and memorable shopping environment, these technologies have changed and increased the opportunities to connect with consumers.

    Store layout is important because it affects the flow of customer traffic, where products are placed and how visible they are as well as the overall shopping experience for customers.

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